89th Annual Diplomatic Ball

The 89th Annual Diplomatic Ball was held at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC near the National Mall and the White House. Holding the Ball here was special not only due to the stunning aesthetic of the venue, but also because it was one of the last events held at the privately owned gallery before it dissolved later in 2014, with the building being added to the George Washington University College of Art and Design and over 17,000 works being given to the nearby National Gallery.

It was thus a historic event in so many ways, as a number of undergraduate and graduate students from across Georgetown’s schools spent the evening with foreign dignitaries and government officials from around the world. Guests enjoyed performances from the Georgetown Jazz Band and one of the University’s premier acapella groups, the Phantoms. With the help of volunteers from the SFS Academic Council, the Committee put on yet another extraordinary evening of an extraordinary tradition.

2014 Diplomatic Ball Planning Committee Co-Chairs: Isobel Blakeway-Phillips (’16) and Victoire Carrasco (’15)

2014 Committee Members: Saleh M. Alohmedi (’15), Yanpei Huang (’16), Monchen Kao (’15), Patrick Lim (’16), Kasey Ng (’16), Rachel Ryun (’16), Matthew Hinson (’17), Annabelle Timsit (’17

Diplomatic Ball Planning Committee Advisor: Ben Zimmerman