Frequently Asked Questions


Question Answer
Can I come if I am not in the SFS? Of course! Although the event is organized through the SFS, it is open to any Georgetown students who are interested in attending. We recognize that there are plenty of students outside of the SFS who are equally if not more interested in the field of Foreign Service or International Relations, and we don’t judge who is more interested or excited based off of their school!
Can I bring a non-GU Guest? Yes! You may bring a guest that isn’t a Georgetown student, but we ask that Georgetown students only “host” one guest each. In other words, If you would like to bring more than one non-GU guest, please ask make sure that each additional guests name is attached to the NetID of another student.
Can I pay with cash? Unfortunately, no. GoCard is a much easier and safer system (If you lose your GoCard, you can deactivate it. If you lose $75, you can’t get it back). If you have questions about how to put money on your GoCard, feel free to check out the GoCard website, or the office by Epicurean Restaurant.
Can I get a free ticket? Unfortunately, unless you found one of the golden turtles, we don’t give free or subsidized tickets to people who are not working the event.
What happens if I can’t go anymore? Unfortunately, we cannot take returned tickets. However, we ask people who are buying or selling tickets to post on the Diplomatic Ball Facebook page, which we treat as a sort of second-hand market for tickets. If you sell your ticket, please make sure to email the ticket number and the information of the person who bought it so we can update our records accordingly, and remind the person who bought it that they need to bring an ID with them to the event.


What will I need to bring with me?

For a 21+ ticket: Government Issued ID — If you forget your ID or bring a fake, you will not be allowed to drink, and you will not receive a refund on your $75 ticket. If you are an international student, please bring the nearest equivalent (passport, foreign drivers license, etc.)
For an under-21 ticket: A form of ID, preferably GoCard, although drivers license/government issued ID works too.
FOR ALL STUDENTS: If you do not bring an ID, we cannot give you entrance to the event, and cannot refund your ticket, so please do not forget to bring your ID!

What should I wear?
The event is a black tie requested formal, which traditionally means evening gowns for women, and tuxedos for men. However, if you are unsure appropriate dress code, here are some basic guidelines.

Men: Tuxedos, although a dark suit or dinner jacket with tie is an acceptable alternative if you don’t have a tuxedo.
Women: An evening gown, usually floor length, although again, a cocktail dress is an alternative for those who do not have or like floor length dresses.

If you are still unsure of what to wear, feel free to ask any member of the Planning Committee, or check out our website ( and Facebook page, where we have posted photos of previous years.

I don’t have an evening gown!
Don’t worry! There are plenty of options if you want to buy or rent a dress. We will be posting a list of places in and around Georgetown where you can buy formal dresses, shoes, and accessories for every price range. If you don’t want to buy a dress, Rent the Runway is the perfect place to look. Check out the Diplomatic Ball Facebook page and Twitter later this month for more information about a trunk show we will be hosting with Rent the Runway. The trunk show is a perfect opportunity to see some of the different options, and to try them on for size.


Will there be food? There will be food, but it is not a full course meal (just hors d’oeuvres and small desserts), and since the event is late (and for those with over 21 tickets, we will be serving alcohol), we suggest getting some dinner beforehand, especially if you have dietary restrictions. If you have questions about where to go, we will be sending out a list of suggested restaurants closer to the date.
I’m over 21, what is the benefit of getting an over 21 ticket? We will have 4 full bars throughout the event, stocked with white wine and other alcoholic drinks. Each over 21 guest will receive three drinks tickets, each which can be exchanged for a drink at the bar. (The bars will be roped off and tended by professional bartenders – you will not be able to serve yourself or take a bottle “for friends.”)
Will there be entertainment? The GraceNotes, an a capella group, will be performing at the Diplomatic Ball. In addition, Co-Chairs Monchen and Annabelle and Acting Dean Reardon-Anderson will provide a welcome speech. Closer to the end of the evening, we will be switching from formal music to more popular, dance music.
Will I have to be able to ballroom dance? No, there is no required ballroom dancing, although you are welcome to if you wish, there will be a dance floor! Most of the evening will be a chance for you to meet new and interesting people who have gotten far in their fields, although at the end of the event, we will have more popular music on for people to dance to.


Do Ambassadors actually come to this event? As of this moment, over 15 embassies have confirmed their attendance, and more will follow. Unfortunately, for security reasons, we cannot give out the names or countries of the Ambassadors attending, but all VIPs will have name tags, and will be happy to talk to any students attending. We are also looking forward to seeing a number of VIPs from other areas of the Foreign Service. This year we have extended the invitation to Georgetown alumni who are now working in the State Department and other offices related to the Foreign Service, as well as members of think tanks, retired ambassadors, faculty, and other people in international fields.
The Ambassadors are always really awkward and intimidating… The Ambassadors are not as intimidating as they seem. They have all had really interesting careers, and are excited to talk to student about a field of mutual interest. We will be hosting a small networking event a week or two before the event with a panel of Foreign Service Officers who will be attending the Diplomatic Ball. We will be talking about their experiences in the field, how to talk to Ambassadors and Foreign Service Officers, and will be ending with a small activity to practice.


Where is the Women in Military Service for America Memorial? The Women in Military Service for America is located at 200 North Glebe Road, Arlington, VA 22203.
What’s the best way of getting to the Women in Military Service for America Memorial? We suggest taking a taxi, particularly if you are wearing heels, but there are plenty of options if you would prefer to take public transportation. If you are driving to the event from D.C., however, cross the 14th Street Bridge and follow I-395 south to Exit 8B (Route 110) north toward Rosslyn. Then, Take the exit for Arlington Cemetery. Lastly, at the stop sign make a left onto Memorial Drive and the cemetery guards will direct you from there.
Can I drive? Yes. Parking is available for a modest fee at the Visitor’s Center at Arlington National Cemetery (just a short walk to the Memorial—about 2 city blocks).
How do I get there if I take public transportation? The Memorial is accessible by taking the Blue Line to the Arlington Cemetery stop. However, since the station closes early, one would have to return to campus using a taxi.